Competence and commitment

The Arcadia family:
Always in the best hands

All-encompassing medical care in keeping with the latest standards


Arcadia offers its adult and elderly clients a wide spectrum of medical, social and therapeutic services.

If an adult or an elderly person is thinking of becoming a member of the Arcadia family, our multidisciplinary team of medical experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the person in question in order to draw up a customised care plan.

This ensures that the individual health and social needs of the person in question are met.


and more

We encourage our adult and elderly clients to join in the many events that we offer in order to promote their mental and physical health and well-being. We want our elderly clients to remain active and involved. Our Entertainment Director runs a programme of supervised group activities that offer lots of stimulating fun. Activities include music sessions, dancing, bingo, arts and crafts, gardening, billiards and ‘thinking’ games.

Nursing care

Practical help
and support

Nursing care plays the central role in the services offered by Arcadia of Hollywood. Our team of certified nurses and medical attendants offers professional, hands-on care, as well as support and assistance for our adult and elderly clients. With more than 60 years of professional experience, we pride ourselves on the skills and the compassion of our committed, attentive caregivers employed in our daytime healthcare facilities for the elderly.


Individually tailored programmes

We can, if required, offer our adult and elderly clients rehabilitation services. Our physiotherapists put together special rehabilitation programmes tailored to suit the needs of each individual client, thus helping many patients along the road to recovery following a stroke or surgery, or when suffering from another disorder.

Social care

Practical guidance
and a sympathetic ear

Our team of social workers offers consultations and assistance to help our adult and elderly clients in coping with everyday problems. They also provide guidance and advice with regard to accessing other services and resources available in the community. The services provided by our social workers are invaluable for many clients.